Read what our friends have to say about Wagging Tail Yoga!

"Wagging Tail Farm is a serene, idyllic, setting for a truly “Zen” experience. But with Ora’s expert guidance, it is more than just a magnificent, pastoral scene. She brings a gentle, spiritual quality to the mat that leads to a joyful experience every visit.  
Ora is a gifted teacher not just of yoga, but of life’s ups and downs. She has a way of capturing a mood or a moment and bringing clarity and vision to our practice. I always leave feeling physically invigorated and emotionally inspired.  Being her student is the definition of gratitude."   


“As a practicing internist in NYC I am often asked by my patients how to de-stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, stop aching or increase strength and flexibility. For many years now my answer has often been, “You need some Ora in your life!” Ora combines yoga instruction with her unique glow of warmth, support and connection. She seems to intuitively understand what each person needs most on any given day and she responds to that need with an individually tailored yoga program. In this city of millions, Ora gives a much needed caring and  personal touch to her fortunate yoga students. I would give her three thumbs up if I could!”


"Ora is a yoga teacher with heart, soul, and mind who harnesses all three in her practice. I had never done yoga until I began once-weekly sessions with her. In the course of our working together, I have gained flexibility, learned body awareness, improved my balance, transformed my breathing -- and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Her yoga instruction is eclectic, individualized, safety-conscious, and never boring. I always look forward to my time with her and can't recommend her too highly."